MsMarmiteLover’s Homemade Mini Cheddars

MsMarmiteLover’s Homemade Mini Cheddars

A couple of days ago I was fiddling around on Pinterest looking for a great savoury cracker recipe to cook with some kids at an after-school club, and came across MsMarmiteLover’s delicious looking recipe for Homemade Mini Cheddars. A technique that I’ve found always works well with kids is signposting back to familiar foods they know and love. And who doesn’t know and love Mini Cheddars?? 

I road tested them with my kids and they were super easy to make and absolutely delicious. I wish I’d made double as they didn’t even make it to their lunch boxes the next day. The only change I made was to add a little paprika to give them the familiar orange colour. I also rolled out the dough between two pieces of clingfilm to stop it getting sticky (although if you’re short of time you could skip this part and just roll the dough into small balls then press them flat on the baking tray.) 

So all in all if you’re looking for a really quick lunchbox filler or snack to make with the kids, Ms MarmiteLover’s recipe for Homemade Mini Cheddars is a definite winner. 

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